Expanded upon

If we look at the central profundities of the psychedelic experience across a more broad range of people, we can learn more about the psychedelic experience itself. And the more we know about how psychedelics can impact who, the better we can direct psychedelic treatment in the future.

This is a bit of my theory: Masculine and feminine psychedelic perspectives seem to differ. So the psychedelic experience or process itself might be different across men and women, and across various mental predispositions. This does not just include cultural conditioning or biological factors, but also lived experience like past trauma.

And varying mental predispositions will need varying care.

Anyone can get the same thing out of the psychedelic experience: healing. Psychedelics can help people become more comfortable with themselves, leading to higher states of self-actualization, social deconditioning (especially relating to strict gender roles), and androgyny. But the path to healing with psychedelics is different for everyone.

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