How could clinical psychedelic practice accommodate the fact that some people experience the most insights/healing from the most uncomfortable trips? Is there a ‘right way’ to experience a psychedelic trip? How will new psychedelic therapists be trained to deal with patients who receive the message: You kinda suck. Your past behavior—awful. And it’s time to start over. Should legislation allow all people to seek psychedelic experiences in non-clinical settings for personal or ontological inquiry?

3 thoughts on “Question”

  1. I recommend listen to Jordan Peterson lectures. He teaches how to find meaning in past suffering and bad experiences.
    Some also say, that grown people can change only because of great desperation or inspiration. Let them have really bad trips to ignite “I have enough ot this shit. I want to do something with…” actionable feeling.

    Orther aspect. It depends on individual’s goal. If someone is already awakened or want an awaking and will use psychedelics to shake their default mode network and/or to reconnect with a true self/environment is obviously good to allow.
    However, people may also want to use psychedelics as an escape, to numb himself like in case of opiates.


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