1 thought on “Question”

  1. Erica,
    That’s a great question about which I’ve given a lot of thought. The psychedelic science “establishment” emphasizes the therapeutic uses of these substances and seems to go out of its way to loudly proclaim that it is against complete legalization and recreational use. While the concerns are well-founded – I don’t think these experiences should be taken lightly or without proper preparation – it’s clear to me that the ulterior motive is to deflect any arguments that might prevent the legitimization of psychedelics for therapy or scientific study.
    Personally, I’m a non-scientist who believes that personal growth and recreation need not be mutually exclusive.
    Vacations, visits to a spa, or just a relaxing night at home can be important for one’s mental and physical well-being and also a lot of fun. Amping up our sense of curiosity and wonder, seeing things from a different perspective, are healthy and are great and enjoyable ways to spend a day in recreation.


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