Common questions about microdosing LSD

Selected search terms that lead people to my site. Disclaimer: I am not a scientist. These answers are based on years of experience dosing myself and dosing with other people.

Bridget Riley

Can you dose after microdosing? How much time should you space between doses?

Everyone is different. I’ve dosed the day after microdosing. I’ve microdosed the day after microdosing. I always felt the effects. It always went well. Some people report short-term tolerance and the need to take a little more to feel an equivalent effect the day after a (micro)dose, but I wouldn’t necessarily advise that here. Wait a few days if you can between doses. Or, figure out why you may feel the need to dose so often.

(The Fadiman microdosing regimen recommends one day on, three days off. So if you want to take a big trip within a microdosing regimen, try sticking to on/off days, whether the dose is micro or not.)

How long will it last and how quickly will I feel it? 

Depends on the size of the dose. Some people take so little that they feel nothing, just slightly happier and more focused throughout the day. I usually took 10-15mcg, so I’d feel something (more present, content, lifted, creative) within 20-45 minutes and it would typically last several hours. For me, 6-8 hours.

Why am I sleepy on a microdose? Why am I wired on a microdose?

Most people get energy from microdosing acid and may have a hard time sleeping or resting a few hours from the onset. However, I’ve taken recreational quarters at night many times and have been able to sleep at a reasonable hour. Some friends, not so much. We still don’t have a way to know how each and every person should dose because everyone reacts in their own way. I may even react differently to the same dose given my mental circumstances at the time. Some people report mania and anxiety from microdosing and studies have shown possible increases in neuroticism.

Fatigue from microdosing is not common, so if you’re feeling sleepy, you are likely truly exhausted and need to rest. Psychedelics can make you more aware of your self, your body, its needs and processes.

If you get too anxious/manic or exhausted/depleted on a microdose, it may be good to halt future use or seek help in case of emergency.

Can I mix a microdose with prescription drugs, like Adderall or Vyvanse?

You could, but probably shouldn’t. Even mixing caffeine with a microdose can be too much and cause anxiety/increased heart rate. Slow your role. Protect your heart.

However, here’s a full list of drugs and supplements that have shown no adverse reactions with psychedelic microdosing (from Fadiman’s team).

How will microdosing impact my sex drive?

For the most part, for the better. There will be no negative impact on arousal like there is with antidepressants. Microdosing can help you feel more connected to (aware) of your body, and for some, myself included, this means an increased sex drive.

Can you feel a microdose the next day?

Some people report feeling an ‘afterglow.’ A little more perky than usual. Happy. Clear. Moving through the day with a sense of purpose. Not bogged down by certain thought patterns or mental fixations.

Can microdosing help with menstrual cramps or PMS pain?

Although I am fascinated by this, I cannot speak from experience because I microdosed whilst on hormonal birth control and did not have a proper cycle, ovulate, or menstruate. I am curious how mixing the pill and microdosing might affect the body, especially heart rate. Looking back, I would not advise mixing hormonal birth control with a microdosing regimen because we do not know what kind of havoc that may be wreaking on the endocrine system.

I can say microdosing may alleviate mood swings related to PMS or PMDD. But more research is needed looking into connections between microdosing and the menstrual cycle, especially pre-menstrual cramping and pain.

Can microdosing treat eating disorders?

The microdosing regimen helped minimize my symptoms of a long-term eating disorder (was bulimic at 14, but the overthinking/shame around consumption and body dysmorphia lingered for over a decade).

On a microdose, I’m more in tune with my body’s needs and less run by thoughts, so I only eat when I’m hungry and do not feel driven to overeat. This awareness continued after the regimen for the most part, but again, research is needed. Johns Hopkins is currently looking into psilocybin treatment for anorexia.

If you’re about to start microdosing, contribute to research and track your experience.

If you have any other microdosing questions, please email me and I’ll add them here. ~ 

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