It’s easier to establish a voice after leaving home. Surrounded by expression so foreign from my own makes me feel more alone. And there’s comfort in the solitude. Background voices merge into a mush of sounds. Hidden in a cafe, away on a train. Language becomes noise. Until I hear my own. That familiar accent pierces past and I distract. Mind deciphers meaning. “We sold two so far.” “She was so wasted she couldn’t stand.” “Should I be writing this all down?” The words of others crowd my mind and expel any I want to read or write. Familiarity pauses attention. Everything stops. I fall under a spell of the known, craving the strange again. Lips moving in silence. Everywhere I go, one language turns up the volume and pulls me back. Drowns out stream of thought. The others become a sea of sound I can sense, but not grasp. A loss of comprehension can liberate. Submerged in the unknown, searching for significance. An inner voice becomes more clear. More distinct. I can think.



zipping, unzipping
ripping apart
infinite lines
intertwine for some time

strangers pass
atoms nearly bounce,
a soft crash.

split seconds
locked eyes
reflect visions;
an eternity.

boy, don’t you see
divinity in split seams?
we avoided a difficult weave,
but our We existed.

keep walking
return your gaze to the ground

a moment that held
broken barriers
stillness and speed
fights and family
the final explosion.

each step forward
releases the tie
until we fray apart

I don’t remember
our time together,
but mine met yours.